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„the dark side of light“ – series of works

„the dark side of light“ – series of works

the dark side of light

  • It is a multi-layered artistic journey into the darkness of human existence – beyond waking consciousness – in which the sub- and superconscious, the suppressed and the unknowable seem identical: black.
  • It is about the development of inner perceptive organs that learn to discern whether they are dealing with repressed lightless shadows, with higher truths, or with a mixture of both and if so, in which proportions.
  • A light sensitive work in the darkroom of consciousness.

“the dark side of light”

Mixed technique on hand-made laid paper, 70 x 90 cm


28  paintings, four-color, 4 pages of notes by Alfred Bast (in German)
The catalogue (with a reproduction of the handwritten notes in German) was designed by Alfred Bast and reflects the density and authenticity of this series of works. Done between 12th March and 1st June 1999.

Publisher:  KUNST KLOSTER art research,  February 2000
No. of copies: 300. Format: 21 x 31 cm, printed on Gardapat paper, spiral binding
Cover: cardboard, white print.
Price: € 15,00