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Exhibition in “Städtische Galerie Ehingen”, 2016

Exhibition in “Städtische Galerie Ehingen”, 2016

“Nature seeks eyes that see it”

Nature is the “language” of a non-anthropocentric intelligence which reveals itself in the forms and figures it appears in, and can be interpreted by them.

The number of ways and dimensions in which it may be construed tends towards infinity.
In this way, they mirror the interpreter and his horizon.

Drawing in a dialog with nature is an exciting path towards conscious being.
When the hand is drawing, it plays like a musician with lines, shapes and structures, following that extra-human musical score we call nature. In doing so, the hand doesn’t draw what it already knows but explores a seemingly familiar object; and through its appearance, the invisible forces that have created the object are unlocked and become accessible.
This feedback-effect in turn inspires the vision, which gradually changes from observing into marveling.