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Art Between Cow Dung and Milky Way

Art Between Cow Dung and Milky Way

The „Laubach-Phase“ 1971 until 1986

Again to Laubach.

Between 1971 and 1986 Laubach was development laboratory and base station for me – artistically, personally and orthographically. As a student, this was the place where I studied.
From here, I undertook journeys to other cities, countries and foreign cultures. But above all, right from here, I went on inner journeys.

From today’s perspective, these were journeys through the bewildering labyrinths of pre-imprinted thought patterns, through the jungle of emotional wildness and further down into the stem cells’ just barely discernable territory; down to the inscrutable grounds of unconscious ranges and forces, where remnants of perception seep only to rise and surface again as symbols, enriched with traces of universal laws that determine being and becoming.

Here I studied and drew old world-images in books; world-images and self-images. Drafts which meant to grasp the ungraspable. Over and again from the beginning. All valid but non conclusive.

Imaginary „LauBastMuseum“ (Udo Löffel) with virtual permanent exhibition.
Open: when electricity and Internet are available. Entrance and exit: free(ly).