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Light-Ground, Installation Johanniskirche

Light-Ground, Installation Johanniskirche

Sound figure

Floor drawing, temporary installation

The Johanniskirche (Saint John’s Church) in the town of my birth is a building that simultaneously opens and embraces. That is the feeling I had as a child every time I was there – I felt safe in the embrace of something greater.

The proportions of the church’s layout correspond approximately to the golden ratio.

With marble dust I drew a rhythmic sound figure on the only undecorated space of the church: on the floor, the ground.

The ground, the unconscious, suppressed and forgotten, under which long forgotten stories and times are resting – for so long that nobody recognizes them when they are knocking on the door again, disguised as future.

In this work, my connection with India, which has become another home to me, becomes apparent as well. In South India, the women draw “Kolams” for protection and good luck on the ground in front of their houses before the sun rises.

Kolams are rhythmic and geometric drawings that express ancient wisdom about energy and form. Originally, they were solemnly prepared with rice flour. Every morning anew.

Johanniskirche in Schwäbisch Gmünd, 7th – 30th September 2008