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The term art performance refers to a situational, ephemeral, authentic artistic action by a single performer or a group of performers.

As a form of art, it questions the separability of the artist and his work, as well as the commodity-like character of traditional artworks.

Performance “Rhythm and Will” in the Medissacana during the “Art Dakar”, with the Goethe-Institute

The hall in which the performance was to take place bore the gentle name “Medissacana”.
After seeing the place, I had decided on a poetic, soft performance with only a few devices and a single kora player, without a drum player.

With his music, the kora player Lamine Kouyate conveyed something of that same timelessness and vibrant recurrence that the surge of the nearby ocean was doing.
It is not necessary to play loudly to hear deeply.

In the hall, I prepared three large-sized primed screens of canvas, used sticks which I had collected in Dakar, needed a camping cooker for the flames and the inspiring music of the cora. Then, one hour of drawing with burning sticks.

This was not “action painting”, but rather a calm, meditative dance with a posture of focused serenity … of rhythmized will.

The painting, along with the recording of the performance, was presented at the new Goethe-Institute of Dakar.