Kunst Tempel – Temple of Art
Today’s art leans toward the market.
Successful art is for sale.
The more expensive, the greater the art.
A simple criteria for want of others?
Who sells well, paints well, otherwise he wouldn’t sell well.
… well, maybe.
Art that appeals to me tends much less towards the market
and more to that place around which all markets were
or are built: the temple.
The “mass of art” there, is a sacred act, is creative communion
between sense organs and sense.
There, the altar is the inner workplace where openness for inspiration, from the source at the innermost depth, is being induced.
As such universally open temples hardly exist anymore in the outside
world, for almost all of them have become sectarian party headquarters, I work for the Inner Temple – in the heart and eye.
A synthesis between an art market and a temple
make for a “temple of art”, or: a “monastery of art”.