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In KUNST KLOSTER seminars, vision is being imparted as a creative process

KUNST KLOSTER art research seminars are meant for those who wish to take some time off and work, undisturbed by everyday demands, creatively and independently at their inner workplace, surrounded by the quite yet stimulating atmosphere of a motivated group.



School of perception


is a highly complex process in the brain, in the whole body, because all sensations play a part.
It is a ceaselessly creative, mostly unconscious occurrence which determines how we perceive the world and ourselves in our own “objective” way.
But not a single human sees like another; only that this is something we can’t experience.

The speed of the imagery that we are confronted with and even produce ourselves, trains our vision to become a brief “checking out” of the situation so as to be able to react instantly.
The actual seeing however is passive, even if it wanders about in hectic fervor.
What happens when the gaze rests for a moment for example on the leaf of a lady’s mantle speckled with raindrops? It calms and observes what it sees with open interest.
Seeing becomes an experience, it becomes alive and in turn enlivens what it perceives. This reversion leads through a zone of standstill where a change of frequency from passive to active takes place, although it appears to be exactly the other way around.


The moment is always a whole. The sight sees everything at once.
While drawing, the vision sets itself into motion. It sets out on a journey of discovery, and the hand takes it by the hand and participates significantly when it comes to determining the further course of seeing.
A relation between “subject” and “object” is established. A third emerges: a drawing.



Seminar subjects:


“the intuitive intelligence of the hand”

Art and Nature
Drawing of Nature – Nature of Drawing


“the polar worldview”

Art and World-experience
Evolution of Perspective – Perspective of Evolution


“the rhythms of proportion”

Art and Order
Geometry of Motion – Motion of Geometry


“the language of light”

Art and Impact
Essence of Color – Color of Essence


“the visibility of the invisible”

Art and Form
Forces of Creation – Creation of Forces


“the power of the center”

Art and Life
Eternal Cycle – Cycle of the Eternal


“the intuitive”

Art and Thinking
Intelligence of Cells –  Cells of Intelligence


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