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During these talks
listeners are not just being talked at.
They become part of a performance
that unfolds from moment to moment.

The main topics are:

“Art and Spirituality”
Art and spirituality are intimately connected concepts because they both refer to areas which cannot be reduced to a mental-rational level. Art and spirituality can be experienced as inspiring reality. They denote the spheres of the unconscious, the sub- and superconscious.

“Creative Thinking”, the integrating forces of creativity.
Creative thinking liquifies rigid pictures and opinions and is able to contrive new ideas out of old circumstances.

“The Gestalt”, the visible as an expression of the invisible.
Every visible figure is an expression of the invisible forces that have created it. In this respect, the visible itself points to the invisible.

“The Forces of the Form”, on proportions and the power of the center.
In nature there are two pairs of form out of which everything and All is being effected. First: circle and ray, and second: symmetry and golden ratio.

“Art between provocation and healing”
Art affects. “Gestalt-forces“ create. Not just paintings and spaces but also ideas and emotional states.

“AY”, the artistic intelligence, an organ of insight.
This talk explores where in us, between the biological self that learns to identify with its reflection in the mirror and that which constitutes the mysterious genetic code, a place forms where consciousness can grow.

“Beauty in Nature and Art”
Beauty is an expression of that force which is able to harmonize opposites. She is called Mahalakshmi in India. That she also dazzles as a mask in front of ugly motives is a reality as well. The reverse side of beauty will also be examined carefully here.