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The studio is a laboratory with a garden

Work in the studio – with an interaction of emotional and rational intelligence – is one of individual exploration and investigation of that which has collective and universal dimension, yet appears merely as a subjective figure.
Without inspiration, which cannot be made to order, nothing develops that leaves the studio.

The studio is, generally speaking, not an aesthetically and perfectly calculated space. It can rather be compared to a garden or a laboratory in which the nature of the artistic process with its rejections and successes becomes tangible.

A movie screen remains white, no matter what is projected onto it; nothing adheres or connects to it. Not so with canvas, the screen of the artist. It vibrates with possibility and draws images towards itself like a magnet does iron filings. It wants to be touched.
The images desire to be manifested. The virtual in-form-ation wants to become a sensuous figure and embody itself in a painting.

During the journey towards actualization, a stream of invisible visions and drafts projects itself onto the blank base und guides into yet uncharted territories.
Starting from the familiar, the unforeseeable and unexpectable determine the direction.

All the unrealized drafts fortify the base from which a work of art ultimately progresses into the visible sphere.

The incubation period can and may – permissibly so –  take years.


dsc_6163Studio photography

13-11-04-15work in progress – conversion to red