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“God has only sketched man, it happens on Earth that each one creates himself.”                                (Senegalese proverb)

n the artwork the inner expresses itself –
and the outer interiorizes.

The works evolve from a dialog with materials and ideas, nature and culture.
They become enriched by encounters with others, critique and reflection.
An increasing process of perception and learning is thus induced in the worker at the inner workplace as well as in the recipients who direct their attention to the artworks.


W  Werden – Becoming
  Erkenntnis – Insight
R   Reife – Maturity
K   Kunst – Art

Natur Ikonen und Modelle“Icons of Nature”

DSC_4859 - Arbeitskopie 3“Rake Art”

011“the dark side of light

ko%cc%88nigskerze-7“Axis Mundi”

bild rhythmus und wintertag 049 “new structure”

jan-05-011  “Matthew-Project”